Sixth Form Business Mentoring

Year 12 students from Westminster City School have embarked on their second year of one-to-one mentoring with business leaders from across the Victoria Business Improvement District.

wcs mentoring

FOCUS: Help sixth form students look beyond school life and explore further study and career options with expert advice from mentors from a range of industries.

Last academic year Westminster City School welcomed professionals from a range of businesses as mentors for 35 of their Year 12 students.

Mentors take part in training delivered by Ahead Partnership before the school year starts followed by an introduction and matching session of mentors and mentees at the school in September/October.

Mentoring pairs then continue to meet fortnightly throughout the year, either at school or at the mentors' places of work, where one-to-one sessions help students further examine post-16 options, labour market trends in their region and the various challenges of school life. A finale event takes place before the school year ends in the summer with students sharing what they've learned and how they've reached their goals with the help of their mentor.

Following the success of the programme, funded by Victoria Business Improvement District, one-to-one mentoring has launched again this academic year with a new cohort of 33 Year 12 students and volunteers from businesses such as Land Securities, Grosvenor Group, AT&T and John Lewis Partnership. 


Results from Year 1 of the programme:

  • 100% of students that took part said it improved their confidence and self-belief
  • 100% of students that took part said it helped them focus more on the future
  • 83% of students that took part said it improved their understanding of the working world
  • 100% of the business mentors said taking part improved their sense of job satisfaction
  • 80% of the business mentors said taking part improved their leadership skills
  • 100% of business mentors would recommend volunteering for this mentoring programme to a colleague


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