Looking to do your bit for local young people?

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Our events raise awareness of the roles available across the UK, as well as promote awareness of the opportunities that young people can aspire to.

From Careers Events to Interview Practices to Enterprise Days, there are plenty of ways to get involved this academic year.

Find out more about the different activities you can take part in in 2018 by clicking here - they're very easy to take part in!


To take part please contact Lola Wilson on 0113 2467877 or email us here




Guest Speech Bradford 26 September
Careers Event Bradford 27 September
Guest Speech Bradford 3 October
Employability Workshop Bradford (Keighley) 5 October
Interview Practice Bradford 9 October
Guest Speech (Digital Volunteer) Bradford 9 October
Careers Event Bradford 10 October
Enterprise Competition Bradford 17 October
Industry Day (Panel & Workshops) Bradford (Keighley) 18 October
Guest Speech Bradford 19 October
Careers Panel Bradford 5 November
Guest Speech Bradford 5 November
Careers Event Bradford 6 November
Interview Practice Bradford 7 November
Guest Speech Bradford 8 November
Guest Speech Bradford 12 November
Guest Speech (Retail Volunteer) Bradford 13 November
Guest Speech Bradford 13 November
Guest Speech Bradford (Keighley) 13 November
Workshops Bradford 14 November
Careers Event & Interview Practice Bradford 15 November
Enterprise Competition Bradford 15 November
Guest Speech Bradford 15 November
Careers Event Bradford (Keighley) 16 November
Guest Speech Bradford 19 November
Guest Speech Bradford 20 November
Interview Practice Bradford 21 November
Industry Day Bradford 21 November
Careers Panel (Digital) Bradford 26 November
Industry Day (Panel & Workshops) Bradford 27 November
Guest for small Q&A session Bradford 28 November
Enterprise Competition Bradford (Keighley) 29 November
Careers Event Bradford 3 December
Careers Panel Bradford 4 December
Careers Event (Employers only) Bradford 5 December
Guest Speech Bradford 11 December



Careers Event Halifax 29 August
Employability Day Halifax 16 October
Interview Practice Halifax 19 October


Careers Panel (Digital) Cleckheaton 6 November


Careers Event Leeds City Centre 24 August
Careers Panel (Digital) Leeds 25 September
Interview Practice North Leeds 3 October
Interview Practice South Leeds 3 October
Careers Event East Leeds 10 October
Interview Practice North Leeds 23 October
Careers Panel South Leeds 5 November
Careers Panel (Digital) North Leeds 6 November
Careers Event East Leeds 20 November
Employability Day East Leeds 29 November




Industry Day Doncaster 10 October
Guest Speech (Digital Volunteer) Doncaster 10 October
Guest Speech (Digital Volunteer) Doncaster 11 October
Enterprise Competition Doncaster 12 October
Interview Practice Doncaster 16 October
Interview Practice Doncaster 23 October
Interview Practice Doncaster 7 November
Guest Speech Doncaster 7 November
Interview Practice Doncaster 8 November
Guest Speech Doncaster 8 November
Guest Speech (Engineering Volunteer) Doncaster 14 November
Guest Speech (Engineering Volunteer) Doncaster 15 November
Enterprise Competition Doncaster 20 November
Enterprise Competition Doncaster 12 December
Enterprise Competition Doncaster 14 December



For more information about any events, please contact Lola Wilson on 0113 2467877 or click here to email us >>



Digital Jobs Videos Birmingham September 2018
Interview Practice Coventry 7 September 2018
Careers Panel Sparkhill 6 November 2018
Tech for Girls Event City December 2018
Workplace Visits City Early 2019


For more information about any events, please contact Lola Wilson on 0113 2467877 or click here to email us >>